• Creaking doors, leering dolls, whispers from the closet. What is that strange shadow crossing the floor? All things dark and weird conspire to quicken your heartbeat and keep you... Awake at Midnight !

Author Interviews

Awake at Midnight’s Eerie Interviews

What makes the frighteners scared? Learn more about your favorite authors as Awake at Midnight interviews the writers behind the scariest books for kids!

Interviews - Zac Brewer

Zachary Brewer

8th Grade Bites

Tom and Nimue Brown

Nimue and Tom Brown

Hopeless, Maine: The Gathering

Photo Credit:Stephanie Clerkin

Annette & Gina Cascone

Grave Secrets

Interviews - Mary Downing Hahn 2016

Mary Downing Hahn


Interviews - L.C. Hanson

L.C. Hanson

The Gideon Protocol

Interviews - Christopher Krovatin

Christopher Krovatin


Dan Poblocki by Nic DeStefano

Dan Poblocki

Ghost of Graylock

Interviews - Dan Poblocki

Dan Poblocki: Shadow House

Shadow House

Interviews - James Preller

James Preller

One Eyed Doll

Interviews - Vivian Vande Velde

Vivian Vande Velde

Now You See It


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