• Creaking doors, leering dolls, whispers from the closet. What is that strange shadow crossing the floor? All things dark and weird conspire to quicken your heartbeat and keep you... Awake at Midnight !

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The best and most frightening radio shows, guaranteed to give you a shiver!

Black Chapel

The Mahogany Coffin (1939)
A gravedigger prepares for his own death, but is thwarted by a man who is jealous of his job. The gravedigger’s corpse comes looking for his coffin.

Black Mass

Oil of Dog (1964)
A boy’s family sells snake oil… made from dog; until a better solution appears.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Triptych for a Witch (1975)
(Margaret Hamilton) Great grandpa’s wife comes to stay after his death, but is she an imposter? Or is a Sea-Witch trying to steal her body!


Three Skeleton Key (1950)
(Vincent Price) An abandoned ship crashes near a small lighthouse and the men trapped inside must now deal with the plague of rats that comes pouring out!

Hall of Fantasy

Dance of the Devil Dolls (1953)
Tiny dolls do an animated dance at midnight at the behest of an old woman. The sounds of their tapping shoes are horrifying!
The Shadow People (1952)
The shadows “want the girl.” When they can’t get her, they begin to kill her family one by one. Her only weapon: the light.

Lights Out!

Cat Wife (1936)
(Boris Karloff) A man’s wife transforms into a cat… and eats the policeman who investigates!
The Dark (1937)
Two detectives investigate a dark room. The sound effects will stay with you.


Lights Out!

Death Robbery (1947)
(Boris Karloff) A mad scientist brings his wife back to life. Her mad laughter is intoxicating.
Knock at the Door (1942)
A woman decides to murder her mother-in-law to get ahead in life. Mom’s not going to take it lying down.
The Little Old Lady (1943)
A girl surprises her long-unseen aunt with a visit to her house in the country, but the aunt isn’t quite herself.
Meteor Man (1937)
A couple watches a meteor shower and retrieve one that falls nearby. Inside is grey flesh that grows into the head of an alien bent on conquering the world.
Poltergeist (1942)
Three ladies think it’s a lark to dance on a grave, but the spirit wants revenge!

Quiet Please

Clarissa (1948)
A poor person takes a room with a surprisingly vigorous old man and his daughter’s ghost.


Sorry, Wrong Number (1944)
(Agnes Moorehead) A woman overhears plans for a murder on the phone.
Ghost Hunt (1949)
A radio personality does a stunt in a haunted house. He is heard coughing and choking upstairs.

Weird Circle

Bell Tower (1944)
The arrogant architect Belodonno is hired to build the tallest tower ever… with help from the Devil?

Witch’s Tale

The Devil’s Number (1938)
Thirteen drops of blood fall on the skull of a wizard and re-animate his body! The woman whose blood was spilled becomes his slave!
Hairy Monster (1932)
A woman will inherit a mansion if she can sleep there every night for a year. The dead benefactor, a female occultist, comes to visit.

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