• Creaking doors, leering dolls, whispers from the closet. What is that strange shadow crossing the floor? All things dark and weird conspire to quicken your heartbeat and keep you... Awake at Midnight !

Horror Radio


The Best and Worst of Scary Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio Thrills! Frights! Shocks! The scariest and the best stories to listen to in the dark– Find out what to track down and what to avoid! Perfect for sleepovers and Halloween parties!

Plot Summaries by Title

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Common Motifs
Common Motifs

Abbott & Costello

Bela Lugosi’s Mystery House

Beyond Midnight

Black Chapel

Black Mass

Blackstone the Magician

Bradbury 13

Cabin B-13

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Chet Chetter’s Tales from the Morgue

The Clock

Creaking Door

Creeps by Night

Dark Fantasy


Devil’s Holiday

Devil’s Scrapbook

Dimension X


Fear on Four

Fred Allen

Grand Marquee

Hall of Fantasy

Halloween Specials

Haunting Hour

House of Mystery

Hermit’s Cave

Inner Sanctum

Lights Out


Molle Mystery Theater

Murder at Midnight

Mysterious Traveler

Mystery Playhouse

Mystery in the Air

NBC University Theater




Price of Fear

Quiet, Please

Sealed Book

Sears Radio Theater

The Shadow

Sleep No More


Strange Dr. Weird


Tales From the Crypt

Tales of Horror

Theater 10:30

Theatre 5


Weird Circle

The Whistler

Witch’s Tale

X Minus One


Ratings Guide

This is a classic. The audio drama has scary, imaginative properties that reflect the best of Old Time Radio storytelling.

This is a quality show that is better than average. Play this for a friend or at a Halloween party and you won’t be disappointed.

Fun to listen to, but the twist ending is not especially imaginative, nor do the sound effects set it apart from the rest. Most fall in this grade.

Not fun to listen to. Plot inconsistencies make the listener strain to comprehend the story or a lack of creativity makes it just plain old boring.

I want the half hour of my life back! Why did someone bother to save this on reel-to-reel, much less convert it to digital?

Common Motifs for Old Time Radio, Horror Comics & Scary Short Stories

Murder and revenge are common, even expected scenarios in horror and crime fiction, but these angles are replayed ad nauseum in old Time Radio.

A false scenario is meant to drive the protagonist insane (or kill them) so the instigator can get the inheritance money. The gaslighting deception usually backfires.
It’s the cops screwing with a criminal to elicit a confession.

#2.   A severed hand comes for revenge.

#3.   Instead of a werewolf, a woman becomes a were-cat!

#4.   The narrator was dead the whole time.

#5.   Folk magic gets revenge for the powerless and wronged.

#6.   A nagging wife gets her comeuppance.

Treasure is stolen from an ancient temple in the jungle and a curse befalls the thieves.

#8.   A doll (or ventriloquist’s dummy) has a life of its own.

#9.   The King’s Executioner, or a hangman, lives up to his reputation.

#10.   I’ll bet you a thousand dollars you can’t spend a night alone in the haunted room!

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