Horror Review by Kids:
The Enemy

The Enemy - Higson
The Enemy
by Charlie Higson
Hyperion, 2011
Young Adult
448 Pages
Guest Review by:
Jonathan Martinez

The Enemy, by Charlie Higson, is a fast-paced thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This teen horror novel set in London tells about a zombie invasion from the point of view of teens and children. You won’t want to put it down! It’s a book filled with suspense, gore, drama, and excitement. It is a dystopian tale of a hopeless future, with a few heroes who accept the challenge of hoping for a better society.

A virus turned everyone over the age of sixteen into a shuffling zombie that steals and eats children. The remaining kids must work together to survive.

When the kids are living in an abandoned shop, a stranger comes around to tell them of a new safe haven, but can he be trusted? Is it a trap? After all, this is about survival. Wouldn’t you kill for your survival?

Many kids, many deaths.

“I love you, Mom,” he said quietly, and he died in Maxie’s arms.

The book is great, but that’s my opinion. Go get it for yourself!


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  1. Comment by Noemi:

    Great review Jonathan. Good job.

  2. Comment by Trula:

    Thanks for the review! Sounds intriguing.

  3. Comment by Sage:

    Awesome review! I need to read this.

  4. Comment by Ms. Yingling:

    Best zombie series ever! Can’t wait for the fourth to come out in June!

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