• Creaking doors, leering dolls, whispers from the closet. What is that strange shadow crossing the floor? All things dark and weird conspire to quicken your heartbeat and keep you... Awake at Midnight !

My Books… My Purgatory by J. Sean Daly

Rundell Library

“Although the library was completed in 1936, constructed directly atop the Johnson and Seymour Mill Race, this special collections room was added ten years later at the bequest of a local philanthropist who also provided for the silver-plated clock in the main hall, which has remarkably never needed winding.” The…

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Charlotte by Fiona R. Burke

River Midnight

“Merlin! The police are here!” My mom screamed, sounding worried. Did they find her? I wondered. I ran down the stairs so fast, I don’t even think my feet touched the steps. The police were talking to my mom. She had her hand over her mouth. I squeezed my eyes…

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